Inganni Woodworking was established in October 1959. It was an ambitious project, which was born from the synerglsm of two brothers: Giuseppe and Pietro Inganni , two woodworkers who, since the beginning, have started a path which they have carried on with passion and love. In 1980 the need to expand the factory led Inganni woodworking move to its current location to give more space to the young apprentices and to the artisans who have always surrounded Pietro and Giuseppe in these years. Inganni Woodworking has been constantly in development. Some new technologically advanced machineries were inserted and they contributed to complete the working tradition. typical of the old workshops. Furthermore they allow realise some prestigious works thanks to the collaboration with external experts and architect studioso. This has led Inganni Woodworking to its success so far. In 2015 " Inganni studio" was bom. It does not only work in home fumishings but it also realises every kind of work and project, ITom the production of doors and windows, luxllry hotel fumishings, commerciaI areas and many other productions, ali patented and certificated. Today, in 2017, " Inganni studio" has became a big family which boasts a woodworking area of more than 1000 square meters, highly technological equipped, 300 square meters of commerciaI and administrative offices with fine furnishing surrounded by a manicured park or 1000 square meters . It is a little chest where precious treasures are created. It is literally covered with wood. There you can find professionalism , experience, kindness but above ali dedication and passion , two basic ingredients of every successful project.